I am your outsourced export expert business accelerator distribution architect


I am your outsourced export expert business accelerator distribution architect 

About me


CYRIL PLIQUET – expert in international business 

EQUILIBRIUM exists to share my 20+ years of international business experience and expertise with Startups & SMEs seeking sustainable growth.

My role is to help you create and execute smart strategies for growth and profitable businesses, with respect for the environment and society.


24 years in international roles with sporting goods industry leaders :

  • 18 years in international sales management
  • 6 years in product management

main competencies :

  • Manage complex business environments including multi-channel, multi-brand, multi-category
  • Structure sales organizations, manage business partners and customers, domestically & internationally
  • Build strategies & action plans with performance objectives : grow revenue & improve profitability
  • Work with efficient processes & tools : strategic planning, budgeting, financial dashboards, Go-to-Market
  • Good understanding of internal & external company functions, and of key success factors

personality & caracter :

  • Team management style : a captain & a conductor
  • Developer & booster / organizer & builder
  • Mindset : open & collaborative / pro-active & creative / agile & adaptable
  • Multi-lingual : French, English & German

As a professionnal and a citizen, I am personally concerned for the
environment as a whole. That is why I’m engaging in strategies that support the 3 following values and strive to work with partners that share a similar humanist approach.

I have always been passionate about International overall, about foreign languages and cultures (I am fluent in French, English and German), and truly feel like a citizen of the world.

With a long history of experience in international business as well as being a volunteer in a trade association, I offer my consulting services to European startups & SMEs wishing to expand internationally, and conversely to foreign companies wishing to establish themselves in France or in Europe.

In both cases, seeking profit is of course our common and primary goal. However, I achieve this by maintaining the balance between growth and respect for ethical values.

As an expert in the sporting goods industry, I also practice various sports activities where movement flows constantly from imbalance to balance, from imbalance to Equilibrium. During my missions, I build on this vector that is movement and I infuse my dynamism into the development of your business.

EQUILIBRIUM : movement towards balance.

Our mission

Consulting in international business development for SMEs and Startups


Make your international business successful, and accelerate your revenue growth, efficiently & profitably


  • Build together cohesive winning growth strategies
  • Guide you in the execution of plan
  • Structure and build your international distribution
  • Become your export business partner


  • Tailored : customized to your specific needs
  • Scalable : evolves with your development
  • Flexible : flexible fee structure 


  • strategic & operational approach, built over 25 years of international roles
  • pragmatic mindset with a focus on performance & profitability 
  • international network of business partners and professional experts

We make you gain 1 to 3 years in your business development phase




Validate PRODUCT range strategy for international

  • Define consumer & customer targets on international markets
  • Identify growth drivers by product category & segment
  • Propose concrete solutions to make your product ine more global
  • Develop smart product strategy to optimize market shares & revenue


Build a coherent DISTRIBUTION strategy

  • Recommend appropriate business model
  • Define B2B & B2C channel strategy 
  • Select & prioritize your market approach : where, how, when
  • Lead search for distribution partners (distributors/agents/customers)

Pricing & Margins

Build a competitive & profitable PRICING strategy 

  • Make international price comp’ to position product offer 
  • Recommend pricing & margin model by business model
  • Build coherent multi-currency pricing strategy
  • Define clear actions to improve product & sku profitability 


Set up Go-To-Market process 

  • Set up cross-functional Go-To-Market process
  • Define strong and impactful Go-To-Market plan
  • Build attractive presentations for sales teams & customers
  • Implement and manage Go-To-Market process internally

Sales Development

Strengthen SALES development strategies 

  • Identify growth opportunities 
  • Build ambitious sales plans and revenue plans
  • Prepare compelling customer presentations & key- account meetings
  • Organize customer search on foreign markets


Develop & transform internal ORGANIZATION 

  • Build / recruit / train domestic & international sales teams
  • Recommend Frontoffice & Backoffice structure for B2B business models
  • Help setup of foreign subsidiary in strategic markets
  • Train & coach mid-level management on international business
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